Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Renderfist, Fanexpo Prints

Well only a few days left for Fanexpo.
My table mates at Renderfist, are ready to go.

We put together this video showcasing some prints that we will be selling there.
Hope to see you there
Table A20.

Just a side note, I'm totally swamped. I'm working as hard as I can before fanexpo (I can't see myself doing much work between those 3 days). I'll give you a heads up, Sept will have a serious lack of art updates from me.

BUT, I will still posts any fun and wacky stuff.


Sam Fong (a.k.a Saberox) said...

This really a interesting event!
Wish you all the the best in this event! Rederfist go go go!!! ^u^

Kidchuckle said...

thanks sam!

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