Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Bunny Vs Evil Easter Bunny

Happy Easter!

I seperated the image into a few parts.
Background in one layer. Middle Ground (fluffy bunny and robo bunny plus Misc objects carrot drill and the basket of eggs). And then the foreground bushes and grass.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

sad sad sad

sorry been busy the last while.. I'll post some art soon I swear!

but my friend Charlene Chua sent me this link for "artists to make money"

ok I have no problem about stock art. But you have to admit how sketchy that ad looks below.
It's just a plain mockery of any artist who work long hrs and years to develop their skills.

Yeah its hard to get started but I hope nobody falls for this kind of stuff out there.

Monday, March 23, 2009

CS4 add OpenGL drivers= Instant love

ok for the last month and half I have had photoshop CS4. Theres some nice touches.. but I hadn't had the time to get the OpenGL drives enabled for cs4.. in fear of destablizing my system during a job. So today I've finally been able to set that up (after dealing with 4 hrs of trying to get my taxes in order over the phone.... The people I talked to were nice enough.. but it took forever to figure what was going on).

But anyways OPEN GL IS AWESOME.. my machine is running way smoother with my file... the zooms/pans silky smooth. I still havn't tried everything yet.. but the rotating canvas is awesome. IT DRAWS like alias sketchbook (smooth lines!!!! no more jaggies).
I can't get over cs4.

tears of joy.
I'm so happy.

Bruce Lee Vs Iron Man

sorry been a bit busy,
I promise to get some fun art done soon.
But I had to post this... so awesome!
it's in HD too if you like...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well they announced the winners for the darkstalkers from Udon. I was really happy to hear my 3 good friends(Hilary Leung, Ted Kim, Charlene Chua), and super tallented made it into the book!!!!
Congrats guys!

Unfortunately I didn't make the cut. I wish I didn't rush the drawing and jump into painting.
but here's what I did.

I should count myself lucky to have made it into last years.
But congrats to all the winners.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Basement 416, Creative Photoshop (my name isn't Vince Chua)

My friends and I from Basement416 were interviewed in Photoshop Creative Magazine.
Basement416 (is our collective group of illustrators)

members are Christina Ung, Rey Ortega, Charlene Chua (not related or married to), Ted Kim(also not related or married to), and Sanford Kong.

Although Unfortunatetly my name was spelt incorrectly.
My name was spelt Chua. It's spelt Chui...
and I'm not married to Charlene or related!!! (just to clarify!)

I'm going to chapters and pick up a copy soon.
and bring a marker to make corrections at the store.

But Simon Skellon a writer at Creative Magazine. Was really nice during the process and I appreciate the hardwork (I handed in my interview sooo late!). Even after pointing at the small error. At some point he had mentioned making a editorial correction down the road (woohooo mentioned again in another issue of the mag!)

Charlene also did a podcast interview for our group

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

That Prinny Dood!

Just fitting in some game time before the next project about to start.
I havn't touched any gaming at all this year until yesterday.
I picked up Loco Roco 2 and Prinny.
Prinny is not for the gamer that has little patience.

But it's so frusterating!!!!! but deffinitely deep rooted like the classic side scrollers like Mario, Megaman, Ghost and Goblins.
Thinking it now, the games today seem far too easy compared to the games of yesterday.
But the frusteration, the game is beautiful.

now if I can only locate Disgaea for psp (man is that hard to find.. I regret not picking it up when it first came out!)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Here's a short interview I did over at sparyblog.net
It's short. To be honest I never know what to say for this kind of thing

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