Wednesday, August 06, 2014

#Thunderbirds @cerealgeek

I did this piece last year for Cerealgeek.
This was a bit of a education for me. And If you've read or know about Cerealgeek/ James Eatock.
He has a vast knowledge of kids shows of the yesteryear (I'd consider him a historian).
I was familiar with Thunderbirds  through my cousin but rarely saw the show (I only knew it from a toy that my cousin had. Diecast and super cool!).
I've posted the opening up below. Basically it's where "Team America" was a parodyof.

But what I didn't know they tried to reboot the show called Thunderbirds 2086, in anime form.
I vaguely remember it in the 90's. But I didn't make the connection since the look and feel was totally different.

It was a fun piece to try to tie the two shows together.


I found this documentary on the show as well


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