Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Getter Robo! Chibi SD Fewture edition

Getter Robo! (I'll be posting a colour video of this soon... just rendering it now, so Stayed Tuned)

I have been aching to do some fan art of one of my favorite Anime of all time. Getter Robo.
I grew up with it as a kid.
Opening for the show
(actually more specifically Starvengers, aka Getter Robo G).

A few years back Fewture did a restyling by the late great Taku Sato.(I wrote a toy review it back in 2006)

Years later, they've done a reissue of it. I thought I would do a homage of Fewture Getter as a Chibi Super Distort figure (no they don't have one of that yet). But why not imagine what it looks like.

If youw ant to see a Time Lasped Video of me colouring...
here you go.
Double click the video if you would like to see it in High Def.

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