Monday, August 31, 2009

Renderfist Fanexpo Photos

Oh man what a crazy couple of days.

I want to thank my table mates at Renderfist for being so patient with me.
Craig Adams , Charlene Chua, Ted Kim, Sanford Kong, Hilary Leung
I was a bit stressed out the first day, making sure everyone got their passes, and finding enough chairs ( someone stole our chair!).

I think it was probably the nonstop bunch of laughs. Although it was terribly draining. I'm exhausted but I'm back to work today.
I'm updating this blog between drawings.

After reviewing the last few days, all I can think of is the non stop of laughs. Although it was terribly draining (how does Bobby Chiu and Kei and his crew do it?). I'm exhausted but I'm back to work today.
I'm updating this blog between drawings.

We had some cool cats around our table. And did some balloon volleyball... people around us like
Jason Loo, Evan Munday and Mark Mcdonnell who sat behind us, FYI he's a DISNEY ANIMATOR!!!!! flew from LA for Fanexpo!).

I think we had lot of energy at our table, talking to each other and the attendees at the Fanexpo.

Some really memorable quotes from the top of my mind (I won't reveal the names so I don't embarrass anybody exclusively).

First quote
Renderfist Rep 3- " Hey you like C*****s, N****s, and B***s right?" to patron
patron "Uh no"
Renderfist Rep 3 "then you like girls right?" Points to prints done by "Renderfist Rep 2"
patron -confused and stunned " uhhh...."

Second Quote
Patron 1 is holding book and wondering if they should by it.

Renderfist rep 3 -" Look at this book, I worked on this. I laboured on this. This is my baby!!!!"

Renderfist rep 1 quickly jumps in "YES! YOU CAN HAVE HIS BABY!!! Don't you want his Baby!!!"

Patron Stunned.. and laughs

Third Quote
Conversation goes on with Renderfist rep1 + 2 + 3.
Renderfist rep 4 "hey did you just say smoke free ovaries"

Day 1

One of the happy faces that I was first to recognise was Marvin Law He also happens to be.... I forget how we're related? Either very distant family or friend of the family... I have no idea.. but its a complicated story and It's too long to write about it.

here's pics of us below setting up the table

Craig Yeung
who came running over to find us to say Hello
I managed to stop by Craig's table to say Hello to Logan Luberia and Lisa Luberia they still look the same).

The rest of the day was just trying to get settled in to the con. I was amazed how busy it was. I havn't been to Fanexpo in 10, I had no idea how big it grew!

Day 2
This day was interesting. It was really packed and packed Fast!
with our Exhibition pass we were able to skip a long line up.
I was informed by long time Rick Lapointe and his Girl friend Sam that the line up was 2 3 hrs waiting time to get in the exhibition. Silly me forgot to take a pic of these cool cats. They went out of their way to find me first thing when they got there!
You guys rock!

Ted helping setup Sanford's portfolio. (The very Mysterious Sanford!)

Ted and some friends.

One of the coolest ladies that came by the booth.
She had this really cool shirt!
Not only did she come by once... I think total she came by 4 or 5 times total during the whole convention.
For a moment I assumed she was a stalker... until she happily decided to buy some prints from me on the last day at the last hour.

A little bit of a view of the expo

managed to get Some crazy Cosplay. I've seen cosplay on the net.. but I've never really seen it happen in real life. some really crazy and well put together costume. thats really hardcore fandom.
Here's some that passed by our table

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? well she's in Toronto Fanexpo!

Castle Crashers!

Little Link

Getta beam!!!!!!! I was a little surprised at this fan, he was barely 18 I think? pretty crazy considering getter robo came out in the 70's (even before I was born).

"Mr J" and Harley Quinn

Anyone want to help me out? I have no idea the name of this character but i do recognise it! (it's driving me insane!)

Starfox and ???

World of Warcraft Elf? (I think, but does it matter??)

Badass tats Wonderwoman!

the monk.
his weapon was double his size!

Tom Baker Dr Who!!!!

steam punk folks!

Super heroines!!!!! they really were! they saved Ted's eyes from his burning contacts (got some eye drops from another exhibitor!).
2nd gal I think maybe Ballistic from Cyber force?

Team Fortress 2

Thats the end of day 2.

Day 3
Hilary showing off with a can of condensed Milk

man crushed under Tron's Light Cycle

In the early morning before the exhibition we quickly ran around to meet the other artists, we ran into the talented Hyein lee
She was so incredibly sweet, she later ran over to our table at the end of the day and gave us these sweet buttons!

We also got to meet Mark Rehkoph
also would like to say Thanks to Ferd Poblete
who came by every day to say hi in the morning and afternoon to share some cool demon girl drawings.

Also that day, some friends from the old Pseudo Crew popped a visit, Dan and Joe.
My cousin Warrern and girl friend Man Yi (theycaught a glimpse of Spock , Leonard Nimoy)

and well whats left...

some more Cosplay people!!!!

Ted's Super Heroines in civilian clothes!
I pointed out that their superhero costumes were great, but they need to work on keeping their identies a secret better.
(I totally owe these girls a sketch!)


Hilary is Held Captive.
phasers on stun.

Hilary is left defeated twitching onthe floor stunned. (Trekkers beat Bear)

UMM well I'm not going to say any cheesey cat jokes.. but nice costume

Young Padiwan (when I was about to take the photo he screamed "punch it Chewie" to me)

Ema Frost


Dead Pool and A walking Sword carrying a woman? (My Spooon is too big.)
Charlene Chua- pointed out the red head is Nariko from heavenly sword.


Some more cosplay

Craig stuffing Sourballs in his mouth (no comment)

More victums of Sour balls.

Bobby Chiu was nice enough to take time to say Hi to everyone at the booth. The guy is busy! you should have seen him rock his booth. Crowds and crowds.
I also got to meet the very talented Michael Cho .

Renderfist, doing a Art Swap!

End of the day

I forgot to mention i saw my Dan and his wife Jessica and Nathan owner's of Labryinth book store
best place to buy art books!
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