Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day of Fanexpo + old art.

Only a few more hours till fanexpo starts...
kind of getting antsy.. and trying to cram in some work before the show.

Ok before Fragbot... I thought I would squeeze in a backup art piece in case I couldn't finish.

I thought I would do a homage to old 60's poster art and lay in some graphic design elements.
Ohmygod shes wearing skimpy clothes?

I was aiming for some pinup style art to sell ( using extensive "market research" to determine what will sell well of course ).
But images of Raging feminists and angry mom's haunted my mind so I decided not to include this in my Prints for sale line up. (actually i think full colour art work will sell better).

But that won't stop me from posting the image on the internet.

Remember drop by Table A20 at Fanexpo!

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