Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well I had this done a while ago, I thought I would post it up.
The image of a monster running around in their underpants always made me laugh (you're probably wondering what monster runs around in their under pants... well Marvel's Fing Fang Foom does).
I went with a limited colour scheme, with a less is more approach

I tried a couple styles, but in the end I  thought the most fun was a blocky vinyl style.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

kidchuckle in 2d artist mag

Been a little while since I've posted anything. Last month I was asked to write a article in 2d artist mag about sketching. Some stuff in the article is old, and some sketches never seen before (well unless you've flipped through my sketchbook or looked over my shoulder). I cover some of my process and go roughly how I take sketch to painting.

2dartist was kind enough to host my article and allow myself to share it. Feel free pass it along.

I can tell you the full version of the mag is really cool too.. so go out and pickup that version tool. 

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sir Seth Thistlewaite is in Stores

Sir SethThistlewaite is now available in stores and online to buy.
I thought I would throw in some preproduction art that was done. These concepts won't be published in the book.

It's a fun book for kids 6-8

This was the final design of Sir Seth

And here's the various different styles and  looks that were tried for preproduction for Sir Seth and his friends

Oh and one last thing. my good friend Hilary Leung is launching his second kids book
"Ninja Cowboy Bear Presents the Way of the Ninja"
 a sequal to "The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear"

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