Saturday, April 17, 2010

Speed paint 6

Been really swamped of late.
Didn't have a chance to post this speedpaint.
1hr practice run


Sean said...

I really enjoyed watching these and like the speed painting concept a lot. I find those kind of time constraint tools to be very helpful in developing more discipline in my schedule. I had one question though: In looking closely I was trying to figure out if those were custom brushes you were using. If so, did you make them (bravo if you did) and if not, where did you get them? I find brush choice and modification to be the biggest impediment in my creative flow and these seem pretty intuitive. Anyway, any help you can offer is appreciated. Keep up the great work.

Kidchuckle said...

Yeah I'm trying to force myself and excercise with these kinds of things more and be more comfortable with it.

these are the custom brushes I used.
I never had tried them until I started doing these speed paints.
They're pretty cool

they're a lot of fun to use
I hope that helps

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