Monday, March 29, 2010

Return of Evil Easter Bunny: Happy Easter

Here's this years rendition of the Evil Easter Bunny (click here to see last years).
He makes a return from last year.

Played around with the lighting and shadow for this one this year.
I threw in a shadow from a tree on the left side.. just to fall right on the kids and bellow the bunny (using it as a sort of a graphic design element)
Wanted to use that shadow/contrast to bring your eyes back to the kids and not just the bunny alone. I left a crack of light to highlight the eyes of the children, and the easter egg held in hand.


Anonymous said...

do you take sketch requests?


Kidchuckle said...

sorry Tim,
I don't usually. I find it hard to keep up with those kinds of things. IN between work and stuff.
hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

sure i do ;)

Kidchuckle said...

thanks for understanding Tim.
I find it hard to just take abreather or have my own freetime., when I'm not working. And I feel terribly bad if someone does a request and I don't finish in a timely manner.. and sometimes I need time to breath...
but thanks for your patience and support!

Anonymous said...

hey no problem man. I can totaly understand you. In fact i'd probably do the same if i were you. You should spend your free time for you and not for others ;)

just keep up the good work


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