Friday, December 04, 2009

Mecha Santa + Tutorial

Man I've had this video sitting around for a bit.
But I've been asked a few times to get a commentary done for the time lapse video.
I had a few hickups with the audio.
But I think I've gotten something now (going to take a while before I get better at this.

I threw the art on a 3d Box I did in 3d studio max.. quickly. I tried to keep it in style to those gundamn kits. I love building those things (although I hate painting models).

Oh and all the videos are in HD quality. so double click it if you want to see it with more clairty.

Mecha Santa from kidchuckle on Vimeo.

or if you prefer youtube (2 parts.. because youtube is lame and you can't go over 10 mins).

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