Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Choose your own adventure Comic. Awesome + some cool vids

I caught this video well getting my fix of Derek Kim's web/comic.

The idea behind idea behind this comic, it's brilliant! I love how the comic is presented visually and physically. There's lines that lead to tab (cut into the book!) to reveal where your adventure leads too!!..

Idea behind the comic (writer/artist Jason Shiga).
I had seen him at TCAF.. while getting Derek Kim's autograph... and I regret not spending the time talking to the other artists that day (cutting the trip short running back for mother's day)

Well Here's a Video of Jason Shiga explaing his comic.. coming in 2010. (can't wait to get it)

Jason Shiga @ APE 2009 from Doctor Popular on Vimeo.

My friend David Cho had posted this Video on his Facebook page...
totally in awe of it.. and my friend Brian Wilson... sent it to me today.. remind me I'm such a idiot for not posting this earlier....

and a little more.... (this is better then bullet time!)
the kid is awesome in this... he totally gets into it and pulls off some serious kamen rider moves!

I just realized Nujabes feat are the same guys who did the samurai champloo soundtrack...

samurai champloo (the story/animation is awesome)

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