Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween what to wear

I had this idea of mashing up a few costumes together.. that I couldn't get out of my head till I scribbled it down.
kind of a best of the "bargain bin of costumes"

If you're having trouble which movies these are from.
1 Starwars (thats also of tokyostormtrooper)

2 Game of Death (yes I know its from Kill Bill too.. but in Kill Bill did it in homage to
Bruce Lee's game of death. I'll be really upset if you've never herd of it!

Yellow Chucks are from

(thats where the foot print comes from! If there's someone out there that can make a shirt with a yellow stripes on the side and a Giant foot on the front.. I would be sold on getting that!)

3) Batman (notice the cape and ears)

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