Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Atom Eve: Invincible

Atom Eve from INvincible. (one of the best comics out there... another favorite of mine Walking Dead and Y the lastman).

Franchesco last month talked to me about doing a collab(to colour his fantastic line work) All I can tell you I was felt so honoured and freaked out about it (well I love Franchesco's art.. so I was nervous as heck).

But last month I was swamped with work and wasn't able to touch it until yesterday.

Just a little back story.
I first layed eyes on Franchesco's art on She-Dragon special by Image comics. I think this might have been in 06 or 05.
After buying the comic, I jumped on my computer to find out who this guy was cause I wanted to see more of this fantastic work!
I found nothing... until 09, I had found him on DA.

After finding him and more of his work... I also found out how cool he is after sending a couple of message and notes.

But I'd like to Thank Franchesco for asking me to colour his work... It was a thrill!

Don't forget, if you want to watch the video in HIGH DEF (just double click the video)


Peter said...

this looks pretty sharp Vince! Awesome work.

OneSickIndividual said...

a favorite of mine as well. nicely done!

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