Friday, July 10, 2009

Remote Mechagodzilla 1974

Totally under my radar. Looks like its been released for sometime.
Robot figures are probably dear to my heart. I think its something I grew up with.
Mecha Godzilla happens to be one of those things I grew up with.

This is the rendition of the 1974 Mecha Godzilla

But clearly this is one remote control robot that beats anything I've seen hands down.

It's only avaiable in japan (with a hefty price tag)

here's a actual commercial for it


Jeff White said...

man, there are specialty stores that sell all sorts of Godzilla stuff that would blow your gizzards out... you need to take up your friend's invitation and head over there. And pack me in your suitcase!!!!

Kidchuckle said...

hahaha I know! I think I'm going to make time to go this year.

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