Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Joust WIP 3

Just a bit of a update.
I should have posted this on the weekend. I've been swamped.
But here's what I done for the next part of the elements. On my list to do is highlights, colour and then putting the two elements together in a piece and background to tie it all together. I'll be writing a more thorough step by step. wish I had more time to go through everything now.

The line drawing

Mid tones

Darker tones

The next is highlights and colours


Peter said...

Holy butt! Did you do the original line art / design in 3d or illustrator even? It's super precise! :]

Kidchuckle said...

yeah I drew the lines all in photoshop. I'm working at 900 dpi (so shrunk down you can't see how wonky the lines are, thank goodness!)

B! said...

look good vince!! super crisp lines

Kidchuckle said...

thanks Bri :D

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