Monday, March 23, 2009

CS4 add OpenGL drivers= Instant love

ok for the last month and half I have had photoshop CS4. Theres some nice touches.. but I hadn't had the time to get the OpenGL drives enabled for cs4.. in fear of destablizing my system during a job. So today I've finally been able to set that up (after dealing with 4 hrs of trying to get my taxes in order over the phone.... The people I talked to were nice enough.. but it took forever to figure what was going on).

But anyways OPEN GL IS AWESOME.. my machine is running way smoother with my file... the zooms/pans silky smooth. I still havn't tried everything yet.. but the rotating canvas is awesome. IT DRAWS like alias sketchbook (smooth lines!!!! no more jaggies).
I can't get over cs4.

tears of joy.
I'm so happy.

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