Thursday, March 12, 2009

Basement 416, Creative Photoshop (my name isn't Vince Chua)

My friends and I from Basement416 were interviewed in Photoshop Creative Magazine.
Basement416 (is our collective group of illustrators)

members are Christina Ung, Rey Ortega, Charlene Chua (not related or married to), Ted Kim(also not related or married to), and Sanford Kong.

Although Unfortunatetly my name was spelt incorrectly.
My name was spelt Chua. It's spelt Chui...
and I'm not married to Charlene or related!!! (just to clarify!)

I'm going to chapters and pick up a copy soon.
and bring a marker to make corrections at the store.

But Simon Skellon a writer at Creative Magazine. Was really nice during the process and I appreciate the hardwork (I handed in my interview sooo late!). Even after pointing at the small error. At some point he had mentioned making a editorial correction down the road (woohooo mentioned again in another issue of the mag!)

Charlene also did a podcast interview for our group


Christina Ung said...

That's not nice Vince... we all know that you really are married to Ted :D

Kidchuckle said...

hahaha.. ewwwwww!

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