Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Just a little break from the usual. Had some fun doing a bit of fanart. Zangief (street fighter).
Thank goodness there's no tea bagging in that game

For no reason I'm throwing this in.
The skinny kid was the bully.Go Casey Heynes(he goes Zangief on him!)
found on

Info on Casey Heynes
LIttle Zangief (zangief kid) Street Fighter... by shadosw


Claudio Cerri said...

Ahaha, great tribute to one of the best chara of Street Fighter!

Kidchuckle said...

ha! he's fun to play but to play against the computer cheats so bad! (well at least in the old school games)


This Zangief is amazing!!!

my blog of cartoons:

AVS said...

muy buenose ve mas grotescode loq es el personaje genial

Kidchuckle said...

thanks??? hahah I wish I could understand

Anonymous said...

Mortal Kombat Edition

Zangief said...

Zangief rulz :-)

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