Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Voltron, Yellow Lion

Back in the summer I had done a collab with fan favorite Franchesco for a Voltron book.
World Events and 5Finity Production, published by Moonstone and its a whopping 200 page Hard Cover. He just emailed me last nite that he had just recieved his copy already. I havn't seen it yet but I'm pretty excited to see it myself.

I posted one more collab that I did with Franchesco's  line work (and another voltron piece)
I posted that summer.


The Matasatu said...

is it mixed between vector and digital painting? :O

Kidchuckle said...

it's all photoshop.
Franchesco drew it in pencil.
it's just a highres line work

The Matasatu said...

so based upon a pencil, right?
great work in photoshop!
well same to me but i usually make it vector :) not that good in digital painting (still learning thou)

Kidchuckle said...

yeap! his pencil work.
Vector is a very difficult skill! that one I'm still learning from my friend.
Digitalpainting? good stuff! I love painting.

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