Thursday, August 05, 2010

Zoo Trip

I've been going through some sketchbook stuff and scanning it for my for my archives.
These are some sketches that I had done at the zoo, a lot of fun. (I took the pencils and toned it in photoshop. Digi markers!).
I think this was back in April that I went with  Hilary Leung, Haun Tran, Charlene Chua, Kay Huang and Jori Baldwin.

And yes there were Lions and Tigers and Bears (but didn't get a chance this round to draw them... Oh my).


Marcos Chin said...

vince! cool drawings... i would've joined you too if i lived in toronto!

Kidchuckle said...

Marcos we want you back!!!!!!!!
how's the NY life?

Jori said...

Love that Tapir!

Kidchuckle said...

Someone know their zoology!
Thanks Jori!

Wilfred said...

beautiful sketches.

Toby_K said...

Nice work man!

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