Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I did this Illustration for Lucid Media magazine.
This was a interview with the author Seth Grahame-Smith.
It was fun to try to get a represntation of the author into fiction of the book.
The expression from the photo I was given by the editor worked really well with zombies.

My colours ended being old and victorian. My friend Charlene suggested to push it further by adding canvas and a frame(big credit goes to her!). It made us laugh... I think it was just the right element to make it work.


Sigmund said...

Amazing work, Vince! You need to teach me some painting technique.

Kidchuckle said...

Hey Sigmund! how goes!!!
Well I kind of have a rough system I use. I once made this tutorial last year

although I've found that you can skip highlights in the black white stage)

Sigmund said...

Ahh, cool. That was helpful. I guess you keep your linework. Craig tried teaching me a few times but I failed. Lol.

Kidchuckle said...

yeah I usually keep my line work and keeping painting under it. And once I'm almost done.. I flatten it and then paint out some of the line.. unless I use it for accents and things.

I find it easier that way.. then painting completely over the line (or else I lose the form really quick).

Well I notice other people have different techniques. I have some friends who skip black and white and go straight to colour. (which I find harder its a bit harder for me. I like thinking form first, and then colours.

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