Friday, June 04, 2010

Toronto Roller Derby

Done for Lucidia Media magazine, June Edition.
It was a really fun article to illustrate for. I got to throw in some pulpy style art and feel from the 60's.
Before working on this piece I went to check out some videos, and boy is it ever a tough sport.
I thought I post up some of the stages I did for painting it. (it's a animated APNG, not all browsers can see this. unfortunately Internet explorer, and Safari can't see this animate. Try firefox or chrome.)

I recently opened a Zazzle store and I have this image for print (as well as others, you can see previews on the side panel.
Zazzle store


Sean Ingvard Ashby said...

Love it! And love the APNG, too. Cool idea...

Chris Boyd said...

I love this piece. Great painting job.

Roller Derby girls ROCK!

Corey said...

cool stuff. I did the poster for the May derby event, it was a fun assignment.

Kidchuckle said...

hey sweet.
yeah I saw your poster.
I was hoping to find more of your work online but I couldn't find any info on your work.

Corey said...

thanks. my portfolio is at

Kidchuckle said...

Those are super sweet.
Love the textures you added. Really has some of that retro love!

OneSickIndividual said...


Kidchuckle said...

thanks man!

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