Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Eyed Yeti.

The One Eyed yeti... the idea came from Ryon Xavior http://www.htxbstudio.com/wordpress/ (go check him out.. you gotta check his sculpts.. some crazy stuff).

Unfortunately... I kind of put it off.. but Xavior was sooo patient. And it was in the back of my mind. I didn't want to give him JUST a one eyed yeti..
Tried of thinking of something I could throw on him to make the yeti seem different.

the little back story I made for this guy... He eats children.. but also hides among them by dressing up as them. *** Gasp *** that's why the Yeti is so hard to find.

1 comment:

Woocifer said...

But... why's there a giant zipper under his chin? Is it like the hat thing that has a zipper? WTF Whince WTF!... :)

I like it.

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