Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spider Cave Mountain.

This something I'll be periodically updating. This image inspired by the novel "Journey to the West". A traveling tale of the Monkey King.
I was thinking of a cool temple/building smack in the middle of a giant cavern/cave would be really cool.
The concept was that it was partly chiseled and built out from the mountain. The bridge is made out of bamboo and rope.

I've uploaded a few of the Work in progress. I'll try to update my progress on this project, and detail out my thoughts as I work on it.

I'm going to find somewhere throw a person in there for scale too. Perhaps in the foreground.

Just a bit more tone into it.... I tried to make the lighting so that the temple/building is just at the opening of the cave...
So I had to narrow down my light to appear that there's a roof.
Now with my tones all laid out I think its time to colour.

Now with the final drawing out of the way.. my eyes nearly went blind. To help separate the image better I had to block in tones for readability.
Anything in the foreground Dark and in shadow... and everything in the back.. light.

More of the bridge worked out. Bamboo was a big part of the construction. I almost did wood planks.. but I remembered typically in whatever area you're in.. you build with whatever materials are in the enviroment. So if you have a bamboo forest.. you're not going to have a tree forest. Thus... no wood planks on the bridge.

I try to construct as much as I possibly can.. I know some bits will be obscured or erased for the bridge... But I lay it in anyways. I find adding these construction details are important. I know it seems like a bit of a waste to put into the construction and eventually erase it.. but I think it helps give it a little more history and believability(yeah I know... you can argue that its building on a mountain).

Slowly detailing on top of my roughs, and adjusting the composition.

This was my intial rough drawing of what I had in mind.

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Danupy said...

This is very nice. I very much like how the light is position to the scene. And this is very detailing, Great job. Wish some day I can do like you did. ^_^

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