Saturday, April 05, 2008

FYI I just started a new blog with a few friends. The blog is for fun. Drawing our favorite tv shows, movies and net celebs...
you can find the blog here
but here's another sketch

"Where's Walace at? Where the boy Straight?"

Man I watched the first season of the Wire.. what a awesome series.
D'angelo and Wallace... easily my 2 favorite characters.
For this drawing I didn't exagerate this one as much as my last sketch.
But I had fun drawing D'angelo


LaM said...
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LaM said...

Sheeeeeeeeeat .......... a WIRE drawdown? I might just start doodle'n a character fo this.

Kidchuckle said...

get moving lamster!
I expect more doodles!

drasik_design said...

Real nice works mate!!

i wanna draw like u :(

Wireless said...
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