Sunday, February 17, 2008

During Valentines a demo of Patapon for the psp was released. What was I doing... up to my neck in work.. No chocolates, no romantic evening, just work work work.
But I managed to have a moment of rest. And took a evening off.
Usually I hate rhythm games. I have no beat.. its just the person I am. But I love the visuals. Fantastic. It's as alluring as Loco Roco was for me.

I had herd the visuals was from a french artists named Rolito (as soon as I find his personal website I'll post it here). But if you own a psp I say get it!!!! its coming out end of this month.

Rolito's website can be found here
Rolito Land

Get Loco Roco too if you don't own that.
Sigh... back to work.

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