Monday, May 11, 2009

TCAF +mothers day

I'm so worn out by yesterday.
I went to TCAF

I managed to swindle a spot with my friend Hilary Leung and partner in crime David Bruins.
The Legend of Ninja, Cowboy, Bear. Seeing the kids reaction of the kids was a riot. There were so many people.

I managed to check out some of the floor.
My friend was waiting in like to get a sweet portrait done by joe bluhm .
While just hanging out in line my friend was talking to none other then Kagan McLeod. He was really cool manged to talk to him for a while. His website is SWEET! Not only is his artwork brilliant. Is knowledge of old school kungfu is unbelievable. Plus a added bonus... the Sound on the website will keep you entertained for hours.

I manage to catch up with Bobby Chiu for a little bit. Man is always hard at work.. he doesn't seem to stop working!

I rant into my friend Eric Kim Another hard working guy. It was nice to catchup with him. He's been a very elusive fella like big foot. I always hear how Eric is doing from small circles.

unfortunately I had to rush out for mother's day so I didn't get a chance to see as much as I wanted. I did manage to catch Brian Lee O'Malley of Scott Pilgrim comic soon to be movie! The long line unfortunately didn't give me mucha chance to meet him in person.

Last stop before running home.

Derek Kirk Kim I didn't get a chance to talk to him much.. but totally envious of his work.. The guy can draw and tell a story.
got his sig and a doodle on his books!

And to top of the evening I went to my uncle and aunt's place.
Where his family shared a lot of laughs and good food. Vanessa, Tiffany, "B" and May, make the best food!!!!. I laughed as much as I ate last nite...
I'm still so tired.

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